Monday, December 21, 2015

Review: Girl Online On Tour - Zoe Sugg

Girl Online On Tour (Girl Online, #2)

Review: Girl Online On Tour - Book #2 Girl Online Series - Zoe Sugg - October 2015

Penny is back and this time she is no longer the Girl Online, but rather than the Girl Offline as last year having a online blog caused more hassle than it was worth especially more so when she started dating the new upcoming music star Noah. Penny went from being the most popular blogger and anonymous to being known worldwide and hated . It got so bad that she developed panic attacks and withdrew from the world . Now Summer break is here and Penny is starting to move back into her circle of friends and of course her boyfriend Noah and his band have been given a great opportunity - to be the opening act for the band "The Sketch". Noah has invited Penny on tour with him, but what happens when things go from bad to worse as Penny finds herself left out and drifting further apart from Noah. Was coming on tour with Noah - a reality check for Penny ? Are her and Noah really too different and won't work ? What happens when Penny's phone is stolen and someone is threatening her unless she leaves Noah ? Girl Online on Tour is the second book in the Girl online series by Youtube Vlogger Zoella aka Zoe Sugg and this one shows us what it's like behind the scenes when you start dating someone famous and you are a nobody .
 Another fun teen novel by Zoe Sugg and I am hoping if there is anymore, that she might put Penny back online and blogging for the world ,as if there's one thing I've learned - you have to take all the mean things people say about you online with a grain of salt and unfortunately by being a blogger - you are automatically a target for trolls and I know I've had a few nasty ones myself, but that doesn't mean that we should give up what we love and our passion.


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