Thursday, December 17, 2015

VBT# The Secrets We Kept - Lily Velez

The Secrets We Kept

Review: The Secrets We Kept - Lily Velez - November 2015

First off , I want to say how beautiful this cover is - It would have to be one of my favourite book covers for 2015. It's what drew me to this book mainly.  Unfortunately for me , it was one of those cases where I should not have judged a book by the cover as though The Secrets we Kept was a good read , it was a little too slow for my liking . The good thing though was once the story got moving along and the two main characters Sully aka Sullivan and Cadence actually spent more time together and their past - the time spent away from one another and the dark secrets both were hiding came spilling out that was when it's pace picked up. So if you are one who loves fast-paced novels, you will have to persevere with this one as it does get better. The Secrets We Kept is the tale of two people who first met in foster care and then grew to share a love together and a whole lot of firsts , then a moment came that none of them expected and the two were separated and now Cadence is back and Sully wants answers but more so he wants her. The author navigates readers through a roller coaster ride of emotions, secrets and revelations as we note that the light that used to shine from Cadence's eyes have disappeared due to her secret which we later learn was about abortion. The Secrets We Kept is an angsty novel and does deal with alot of edgy issues from Foster Care, to Teen Angst and Romance to Abortion and Mental Health.
If you are in the mood for a bit of a heavier read and are a fan of that Teen Angst , then check out Lily Velez's The Secrets We Kept today.

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