Sunday, December 20, 2015

VBT# Deceit - Rebecca Clark

Deceit (Stellar Series, #1)

Review: Deceit - Book #1 Stellar Series - Rebecca Clark - October 2015

It's interesting that often certain books can attract us due to what we feel in our personal lives as the main character Alexa in Rebecca Clark's new book Deceit was a nerd and a girl who didn't have any friends and found it hard to fit in at school and for me , I was like that - I had a few friends but they were more so acquaintances and I was viewed as a nerd as I loved reading and spent all my time in the library. So whenever I see books that have this kind of characteristic I am drawn to them. The other thing I loved is the paranormal twist with the handsome new guy that walks her dreams at night , as I also love ability novels.  Alexa thinks that her life is a living hell and this is one of those books where she is going through that awkward loner teenage phase , until the new guy shows up at her school and has all the girls going ga-ga for him and who does he pick to show interest in - none other than Alexa. Like most books , we can see where this goes but readers do not despair as the excitement is just beginning as the guy from Alexa's dreams turns up too and soon things go from being awesome and on top of the world to disaster status as she must learn to decipher what's true and what's a lie. One of the main things that I loved about Deceit is though the author had her becoming more popular in the school, it wasn't an instant thing and that throughout the novel Alexa is still growing into the young adult she is and trying to navigate her way through life, newfound friends and troubles.
If you love Love Triangles, Paranormal and Nerds/Geeks and all that fun stuff in between that we all succumb to in High School , then check out Deceit by Rebecca Clark today as you will not be disappointed.

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