Thursday, December 17, 2015

VBT# The Resilience Reflex - Zaheen Nanji

In most situations especially ones that include alot of change and if you are a working person , then you know that businesses can often go through lots of change that can disrupt a person's life whether that be something light like new programmes implemented or the hours of operation have changed to employing a new worker to something bigger like restructuring around the workplace - this happens quite often if you get a new boss or a external review of the organisation as I have been working for the TCC umbrella for nine years and we have had multiple restructurings to even more unsettling of them all - redundancy. With all this change, we need to learn to become resilience which means to spring and bounce back in the workplace and life , not to let the change depress us or make us feel uncomfortable. That's where Zaheen Nanji's new book "The Resilience Reflex" comes into place with it's 8 keys on how to transform those uncomfortable obstacles and barriers that get in your way and help you to overcome the discomfort you maybe feeling and spring/bounce back into success in both your personal life and business world. The Resilience Reflex will teach you to learn  how to manage your emotions and solve problems , how to get unstuck and take action,how to move up in life while balancing your other responsibilities ,how to strengthen your attitude, relationship skills, beliefs, and passions and much, much more!
Part narrative and part tutorial, Nanji uses her personal experiences to share keen insights about seemingly impossible challenges. As your partner in your efforts to overcome barriers, Nanji will help you turn setbacks into opportunities and push through any possible challenge. Touching upon both personal and professional scenarios, this book will help you navigate life's most perplexing obstacles and develop resiliency and courage in the process.  Like most self-help journey and discovery books , there are plenty of practical excercises for your own reflection which will help you understand what each chapter has represented and how you can use them in your everyday life.
So readers, what are you waiting for - put on those big boy/girl pants and become a Resilient Master today by reading The Resilience Reflex by Zaheen Nanji.



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