Sunday, December 27, 2015

Review: Nearly Found - Elle Cosimano

Nearly Found (Nearly Gone, #2)

Review: Nearly Found - Book #2 Nearly Gone Series - Elle Cosimano - June 2015

Nearly Boswell is back and this time she is having to suffer the consequences of the guilt that was created after her arch-enemy TJ and fellow classmate went on a killing spree trying to kill everyone in Nearly's circle of friends as he blamed her for his Dad going to prison and then his mother committing suicide and him losing his lifestyle. Nearly has the ability like her father to taste people's emotions but unlike her father, she hasn't used her abilities to exploit others and for financial gain. It has been five years since the town was in uproar as five years ago her father disappeared , Reggie was arrested and Karl Miller also vanished into thin air. Now with TJ in jail, Nearly hopes that her schooling and life can get back to normal but unfortunately Normal isn't an option for Nearly as she gets a job working in a forensics lab and a body comes in that has been buried for at least five years and her father is on the possible victim list - is this her father's body or someone who knew her father ? Meanwhile the members of the Poker Club's children are recieving messages linked back to that night five years ago . Who is sending the messages and what have they got planned as more tragedies and accidents start occuring in their town ? The ending of Nearly Found did answer a few questions, but was hoping for a little bit more and more information on the location of Nearly's Dad . At the moment there is just the two books , so I am hoping that there will be a third and in it they locate Nearly's Father and we learn where he has been the past five years.

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