Sunday, December 6, 2015

Review: Lady Killer - Joelle Jones

Lady Killer

Review : Lady Killer - Book #1.5 Lady Killer Comics - Joelle Jones - September 2015

When I first saw this comic , I knew I had to read it as I was captivated by the cover. In a way it reminded me of the film starrring Katie Holmes "Miss Meadows" where she played a school teacher by day and an assassin by night. The other thing I loved about this cover was that besides the blood aspect, it looked like something from a 1950's area.  Even better , was when I opened it and saw that it had an introduction piece from author Chelsea Cain who is better known for her Gretchen Lowell series and one of my favourite female authors as I loved her style when it comes to serial killers and mysteries and she knows how to write a strong kick-ass feminine yet strong female character.
Lady Killer starts off with our main character dressed as an Avon Lady and delivering her first kill, then coming home to play the perfect role of mother to her twin daughters. We know something is up though as her husband's mother Mrs S lives with them and is always acting suspicious. It starts to get interesting when Penn - a work colleague arrives and soon Josie discovers that she has had a hit hired on her . Now armed with the knowledge, she must fight back to bring down the big guns - but doing so with the balancing of being a mother to her daughters and a loving, all providing housewife. 
Lady Killer was a fun read and there is a bit of blood scattered throughout the book, so this is not one of those comics for the light-hearted.  If you love a good strong 1950's female assassin storyline , then Lady Killer is the perfect graphic novel read for you which will give you the introductions you need to Josie's life and her families and the people she interacts with on a daily basis.
Who said having a double life was ever going to be an easy job ?

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