Monday, December 14, 2015

Review: Santa - Nicola Mar


Review: Santa - Nicola Mar - November 2015

Though this book is called Santa, it doesn't have to do with Christmas and unfortunately it isn't a cheery and happy story. I will pre-warn you readers , that if you find rape and bullying stories hard to stomach then this isn't the story for you. Santa brings us right into that sad world of what happens when a girl is raped and the guys are the rulers of the school and she becomes the girl who cried wolf. This story starts when two friends Alice and June head to a party . Alice is the pretty one and June is a little chubby but the nice and trusting girl , which is sad as you have to wonder if it was her naievty that made this worst. June has had a little too much to drink , so she heads to the bathroom to be sick . During this time , she is approached by Ryan and a couple of his football buddies - Ryan is the type of guy every guy worships and every girl wants to be with him.  The popular jock. The thing though is sometimes these popular jocks have a dark side and Ryan is one of them as June is raped by not one but two of the guys and left lying on the floor . The next day, June is acting funny and goes to school and the whole school are talking about it as she was filmed and soon begins a descent of cyber-bullying as photos etc are circulated. Soon June's life starts to fall apart and she considers ending her life and then Santa appears which is her "invisible friend" . Can June get her life back together with the help of Santa and her mum/Alice ? Can they show June that justice can be served on those who hurt her and that ending her life isn't the way to go?
Find out in this heartbreaking and edgy story which sadly is something that happens more often than not especially at parties etc.


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