VBT# Sparked - Sheena Snow

Vienna is living in a future where Robots are being purchased as human slaves - Robots to do things such as cleaning, cooking and other household chores. Vienna is one of the few that are anti-robots and has even joined in a few of their protests . What will happen though when one day Vienna comes home to find her mother has brought a cooking robot ? This is the start of a downhill slide for Vienna as we see her distaste for robots and more so her estranged relationship with her mother as Vienna's mother has never told her that she loves her and acts like Vienna is the daughter she never wanted. Soon Vienna finds herself being stalked by robots and eventually attacked . Green Eyes - the one who has been stalking her is a commander in one of the robots armies and he has come to save her. Green Eyes takes Vienna to a safe house where she meets a group of robots who have gone rogue and fighting for the good side. She then nicknames them all and Green Eyes becomes Alec. Vienna will soon discover that the robots are in fact half-human and she starts to fall in love and vice versa with Alec as they learn she is his soulmate - his perfect match. What will happen though when Vienna is kidnapped and she thinks that Alec is behind it and feels betrayed ? What can Vienna believe in now, if everything she has ever known in both the human and the robot world are lies ? During the capture Vienna meets her cousin London whom is her doppelganger and seems like the type that would be her mother's perfect daughter. Will Vienna ever see Alec or her parents again ? Will she discover the truth behind the disappearing humans and what the robots are doing with them ?
The only downside in this book was that I was hoping to read and learn a bit more about Vienna's cousin London and the reason that Vienna's mother and London's mother Tamera stopped talking.

If you are a fan of Robin Wasserman's series "Cold Awakening" and Amy Tintera's Reboot Series - you will love Sparked by Sheena Snow.



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