Monday, December 14, 2015

Review: Killing Me Softly - Kathryn R. Biel

Killing Me Softly

Review: Killing Me Softly - Kathryn R. Biel - July 2015

When picking a book to read , there are often a few personal factors involved from whether it be the title, cover, author or in this case even the release date can be a factor. For me Killing Me Softly was decided by the fact that I had previously enjoyed one of the author's books and the second thing was that this book was actually released on my birthday earlier this year. Killing Me Softly, though it has an ominous feel about it with the title whether it be the idea of Killing someone softly or the famous song I had expected a murder mystery type book. Then with it being part of the CLP website, I figured it would have to be a little bit chicklit-ish which led this story to being more of a romantic comedy rather than a romantic suspense. The main character Sadie has premonitions of people's deaths and it gets to a worrisome point in the book where she actually believes that it's her own doing especially after a local boy dies a day after she was talking about him. Then she thinks her boyfriend Robin not Rob will propose but he turns out to be a wimp and they end up splitting, though really with a name like Robin for a guy - what did you expect . Sadie will get a few more romantic choices down the track with Max and Fitzy, though you will have to read to see which one she ends up with.  Killing Me Softly had a lot of fun LOL moments as well as it's ups and downs with deaths and break-ups. If you are one of those readers, that loves going into detail about the characters and learning all about them - getting right in there with the gritty nitty bits , then you will enjoy Killing Me Softly as Kathryn is big on character description which some people love and enjoy, unfortunately though for me -I am more of a fast paced reader , so this part slowed down the story for me. Other than that, Killing Me Softly if you love romantic comedies and books where the characters have abilites - then this is the read for you.

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