Monday, December 21, 2015

Review: Utterly Irreversibly - Hanna Peach

Utterly Irreversibly: A Girl Wife Prisoner Novella (A Good Wife)

Review: Utterly Irreversibly - Book #1.5 Girl Wife Prisoner Series - Hanna Peach - September 2015

First off do not read this book unless you have read Book #1 and if you haven't then stop reading this review as it will give away some of the storyline. In Book #1 Girl Wife Prisoner, we met Noriko whom was brought as a bride for Mr. Blackwell in an monetary exchange. During her time at the Blackwell Manor , she met Keir - the gardener and as Mr. Blackwell was often away , the pair of them fell madly in love but of course it was not meant to be a happy ending for the pair of them especially for Noriko as tragedy after tragedy occurred. In Utterly Irreversibly, this is a What If ? Novella. What if when Keir met Noriko , they could have their Happily Ever After and escape the prison of the Blackwell Manor . Most of this book is a retelling of Book #1 from Keir's POV but it does add extras near the ending as we all know what actually happened to Keir at the end of Girl Wife Prisoner and if you were like me and wanted them to live Happily Ever After, when the incident occurred you would have been like NOOOOOOOOO, he can't - not Keir.
This was an awesome companion novella to Girl Wife Prisoner and if you have read the first book , then this is definitely one you have to add to your list and I look forward to reading whatever Hanna releases in the future as I have enjoyed her writing style.

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