Sunday, December 27, 2015

Review: Megan's Way - Melissa Foster

If you love family saga stories , then Megan's Way is the read for you. It starts with two girls back in 1988 visiting a psychic in a tent at the local fair and revealing a fortune that could be seen as an omen. The book then fast forwards to present time and we meet those two girls now as women and they are still the best of friends - Megan and Holly.  We learn that Megan has been in remission from her Cancer for a few years now, but the Cancer has come back and this time she has decided that she isn't going to fight it but let life take it's course but she doesn't want anyone to know just how sick she is at the moment. Megan is a single mother to a daughter Olivia who is about fourteen/fifteen years old. These two have a psychic connection where Megan can feel Olivia's pain and recieve visions when she is in trouble and vice versa. Later in the book we discover that her friend Holly has married their college friend Jack and they are childless and that Holly had a child who passed away from SIDS. As the book goes along , we learn more about Megan and Holly's past and that the secrets they have kept hidden over the years have been pretty big and they are both sort of living double-lives. All will be revealed in the last few chapters of the book. I shall finish with this though that Megan's way is an emotional rollercoaster ride book filled with lots of twists and turns and covers alot of ground /storylines within the pages. This is a book definitely worth reading and is Angst for the Contemporary Woman.

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