Saturday, February 18, 2017

Review: 1984: Against All Odds - Rebecca Yarros

1984: Against All Odds (Love in the 80s #5)

Review: 1984 : Against all Odds - Book #5 Love in the 80's Series - Rebecca Yarros - May 2016

Before the music industry ruled both of their lives, two teenagers fell in love, Sabrina Caroline, and Hawke Owens. The two were heavily in love and thought the world of one another, and they complimented each other's musical talents, and then reality and fame hit breaking the pair apart. Now years later, Sabrina is America's Pop Sweetheart and is making her comeback from having a year off. There are rumors circulating, but the truth is she hates performing in front of people and gets bad stage anxiety.  Hawke Owens's band Birds of Prey are climbing the charts fast and hard, and now they are the top band around, and everyone wants a piece of them. Now Sabrina is being forced into a collaboration project with Birds of Prey. Will the pair be able to work together especially with their jagged history? Can the musical pair make their romance work on and off-screen? Can they work against all the odds despite the obstacles being chucked at them from all sides ? Like the previous Love in the 80's books, 1984: Against all the odds was a quick read and for those fans of the music world, will love Rebecca Yarros take on the year 1984.
 Each one of the Love in the 80's books can also be read as stand-alone as this is 10 -author collaboration project.

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