Thursday, February 23, 2017

Review: Bookish - Olivia Long


Review: Bookish - Olivia Long - August 2016

This book was me in every aspect; I loved it to pieces. The book starts off with us meeting Aubrey who is a book blogger and works at a bookstore. She has been invited to a book event and takes along her best friend, Chloe. I have to admit; I didn't like Chloe as she was always putting down Aubrey and later on her true colors comes through in the form of betrayal. Aubrey is headed to a book event that is starring Isaac James who is the latest hot cover model to adorn the covers of the latest romance books. Everyone is fawning over him and wants a piece of him. Aubrey and Chloe are lining up when she is pushed and somehow ends up embarrassing herself in front of Isaac. He helps her up, and they go their separate ways as Aubrey has a stand promoting her book blog. Soon she hears whispers as everyone is talking about the book blogger that has captured Isaac's attention. One thing leads to another and Aubrey and Isaac catch up and become an item. Underneath his handsome exterior, we discover that Isaac is an amazing guy who as a baby was abandoned. Just as Aubrey and Isaac are about to take it to the next level, Isaac's past is splashed across the tabloids, and he believes Aubrey spilled the beans. Can Aubrey prove to Isaac it wasn't her or is her fairytale HEA over before it started and is now classified as a spur of the moment fling? Will Aubrey get a second chance or will she become her future she had in mind as a hermit and cat-lady or in this case book-lady?
Find out in this cutesy Book world Cinderella story "Bookish" by Olivia Long.

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