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Review: Riptide - Michelle Mankin

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Riptide (Rock Stars, Surf and Second Chances, #2)

Review: Riptide - Book #2 Rock Stars, Surf and Second Chances Series - Michelle Mankin - February 2017

What do you get when a favorite author brings together three of your favorite things in one book? An awesome story, that's what. When I saw that Riptide had been released, I knew I had to read it as I love everything by Michelle Mankin.  Rock stars - I love music when it comes to books and if I could play any instrument, I had always fancied either the drums or bass/electric guitar. Surf - again if I had been brought up by water, then I think I would have loved to be a surfer as out in the waves you have that feeling of freedom and last but not least Second Chance romances - this is what I am truly a sucker for. I do enjoy instant love romances, but nothing beats the happiness of second chance romances, those where both parties finally realize they are meant to be together despite all the obstacles that are thrown in their ways. Riptide is split into two parts, but technically it's three.  Patch has died and now his widow Karen is back in their hometown working at the Surf shop, she still teaches surfing but her heart is still raw, and it pains her to be near the pier as it was their spot. Ramon Martinez had returned after taking a break from music as everything fell apart when Patch - his best friend died. Ramon had always loved Karen but had moved aside when Patch claimed her as his girl, there were moments he wanted her, but he waited. Now Patch has gone the pair can move on slowly. I had loved how the pair were finally making a go of things, and they were looking up and then OMFG out of nowhere tragedy hits. I was like WTF Nooooooooo !!! this can't be the end as they are just making things work. I was like what an evil thing to do. The book then jumps to the past where Karen first met Ramon and Patch and leads up to the day Patch died. Then the last part gives the reader the questioning of whether Ramon and Karen will finally get their HEA or are they destined to have love lost? Is this a second chance romance destined to work after all the tragic moments or will this be one of those loves where you know they are meant to be together but for some reason - they can never be. 
 Riptide played with my emotions especially in the middle of the book, and as my partner can confirm I was like NOOOOOOOOOO this can't be happening, the book isn't supposed to go like this LOL.
 If you are like me and love your sand, surf, rock stars and second chance romances, then pick up your copy of Riptide today.
P.S - the other thing I loved about this book was the crossovers of the two record companies which we have seen in Michelle Mankin's previous book and other series. 

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