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Review: Euphoria - Amity Cross

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Euphoria (The Thornfield Affair #1) 

Review: Euphoria - Book #1 The Thornfield Affair - Amity Cross - October 2016

When I think about my favorite classic novels, one of the top two on my list includes Jane Eyre. Though many people are more Austen favored, I tend to go towards the Bronte sisters. As soon as I saw that Amity Cross had released a series based loosely on the tale of Jane Eyre, I knew I had to read it, and it was going to be moved near the top of my list. While on holiday leave, I decided to catch up on some series that I had meant to read, and Euphoria was on that list. Euphoria starts with us being introduced to Jane Doe - a young girl whose family were killed in a car crash and she was sent to live with an uncle. Jane never knew her last name and became a Doe - a nobody. Making her way up in the world and being an independent, she gets a job at Thornfield which is a family manor turned hotel. It is her job to help bring in the customers and tourists by coming up with ideas to draw them in. One day Jane is out walking when she is nearly hit by a motorcycle on the country road. The guy despite stunning is quite rude, and Jane is taken aback and keeps her strength biting back with her wit. It turns out that the mysterious guy is Mr. Edward Rochester - owner of Thornfield and her new boss. One thing leads to another as fans of the original Jane Eyre will know as Edward and Jane start a secret relationship beginning with banter and eventually leading to more. Euphoria follows the same storyline in a way as Jane Eyre with the meeting of Mr. Rochester's wealthy friends, her fight for his attraction over the gorgeous and rich women that fawn over Edward to the mysterious noises which at this stage Jane thinks are her overactive imagination or the strange housemaid Grace Poole. Euphoria ends on the cliffhanger of Jane leaving as she has a moment of realization that maybe her life is too different from Edward's and that in this case, the pair of them will never be able to work together and love one another the way ones who in love should.
 Fans of Jane Eyre will not want to miss The Thornfield Affair series by Amity Cross, starting with Book #1 Euphoria.



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