Sunday, February 19, 2017

Review: Bad Teacher - Clarissa Wild

Bad Teacher

Review: Bad Teacher - Clarissa Wild - June 2016

I was in the mood for reading a Teacher/Student romance as out of the forbidden love circles, that happens to be one of my favorites. In Bad Teacher, we meet Hailey Watters who is heading out with her friends to have a bit of fun before college starts. It is here that she meets a handsome man named Thomas Hard and yes, that's his actual surname. One thing leads to another and wham bam the pair have sizzling chemistry and totally hot sex. The next day classes start and to both of their surprises Thomas turns out to be Professor Hard, Hailey's teacher. Now the pair can't stop thinking about one another, and Hailey can't believe she slept with her teacher. Bad Teacher was told from both of their perspectives, and we discover that they both have pasts that they wish to hide and that their sex is their way of running from the things that matter. Can the pair stay away from one another in a sexual way or has the temptation been unleashed and the pair find innovative ways to keep their sexual relationship going in secret behind closed doors? What happens though when Hailey's roommate and Thomas ex-sister in law catch them? Will their secret romance be leaked to the school teaching board which will lead Hailey to expulsion and Thomas kicked off the teacher's board? What happens though when their no-strings-attached and the purely sexual relationship turns into having added emotions to the mix and feelings of love start to bubble to the surface? Will they take the risk to see what happens no matter the consequences or has Thomas had enough of being the Bad Teacher and break things off before stronger feelings get them both hurt?
Find out in Bad Teacher by Clarissa Wild.  Bad Teacher by Clarissa Wild had a few sex scenes, but it wasn't an OTT Teacher/Student book it was more so a Forbidden romance love affair novel. 

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