Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Review: Lust is the Thorn - Jen McLaughlin

Lust is the Thorn

Review: Lust is the Thorn - Jen McLaughlin - April 2016

Growing up Thorn McKinney didn't have the greatest of lives as his mom was constantly in and out of jail cells and his family became his best friends Mikey and his little sister Rose Gallagher. Drugs and Alcohol were a common thing in both of their lives until one night, there was a car accident, and they were both wasted. Mikey died that night, and Thorn lived. From that night, Thorn vowed to change his ways and decided to dedicate his life to the Catholic church and become a priest. That way he could save others as he had been and finally one day he might be able to be forgiven for that night. Now years later, Thorn is still at the seminary and though he could graduate and become a priest he still has to take his vows. He just keeps putting them off as he considers himself not ready. One night, he is called as Rose's next of kin. Rose has been attacked. Thorn discovers what Rose has been doing and feels guilty he didn't protect her as he should have been and what he promised to Mikey. With the help of his mentor, Thorn takes Rose to John's lake house and looks after Rose and nurses her back to health. During this time, we readers can see the chemistry building up and sizzling between Rose and Thorn, and we have to wonder if he is doing the right thing by going to the church as a celibate priest. There is a lot of temptation and back and forth happening between Thorn and Rose in their Should I or Shouldn't I situation. As Thorn and the church help Rose get a better job and a better direction in life, we read as Thorn will have to make the biggest decision of his life - to be with Rose and lose all the hard work and study he has done or take his vows and commitment and become the best darn Priest he can be ? Which road will Thorn take when the temptation of Lust is put before him on more occasions than one? Find out in Jen McLaughlin's Lust is the Thorn. A book that I sort-of have a cover crush on, the only thing I'm not too keen on is his mustache.


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