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Review: Riding Red - Alexa Riley

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Riding Red (Fairytale Shifter, #1)

Review: Riding Red - Book #1 Fairytale Shifters - Alexa Riley - October 2015

One of my favorite erotica and smut authors is Alexa Riley, and I was intrigued when I saw that the duo had written a Fairytale shifter based on the theme of Little Red Riding Hood as renditions/variants is another thing that I am a sucker for. In Riding Red, we meet Ruby who is the newest owner of a small bakery in Gray Ridge, Colorado. Her store is called Red's Goodie Basket and this Halloween she is hoping for a bit more touristy business as things have been slow to take off. That's all thanks to the Sheriff Dominic Wolfe who is finding all excuses to scare the customers. Turns out though that it's not to drive her out of town as she believes but for the fact that he wants her. She is his soulmate, and he has been biding his time for the marking ceremony where he can finally claim Ruby. The thing is though that Ruby has no idea that the town she has decided to settle into and start a new business in is filled with wolf shifters. Will her reaction be the one Dominic is expecting or will this be the end of his goal at getting what he wants - Ruby. Riding Red was a quick erotic read filled with sizzling chemistry, wolves marking their territories and yummy genitalia-shaped sweets.

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