Sunday, February 19, 2017

VBT# Yours and Mine - Christine Duval

Yours And Mine (Freshman Forty, #2)

Review: Yours and Mine - Book #2 Freshman Forty Series - Christine Duval - February 2017

A year ago Laurel and Danny had a one night stand; it could have been more as Danny thought that he and Laurel had connected. A year ago, they went their separate ways, and Danny never heard from Laurel again. That is until now when Laurel turns up with a baby on Danny's doorstep. It turns out that Laurel got pregnant that night and disappeared to have a baby - Danny's baby. Now Laurel is back with papers for Danny to sign, to relinquish his parenting rights of his little girl. The thing is though that Danny isn't the type of guy to dump and run and he wants to be in his daughter's life. Something that Laurel never expected he would choose. Forced to play another card, Laurel ends up taking Danny to court and this part I liked was that the judge ruled in a shared custody arrangement of Laurel coming to spend time with Danny and the baby and vice versa. The pair agrees to give it a go, and soon Danny finds himself loving the role of being a father to his daughter. The thing though is it is also giving him time to spend with Laurel, but she has an on/off again boyfriend Mike who is a bit of a player. I have to admit I loved the character of Danny and how he was stepping up to the plate but I wasn't keen on Laurel as I wanted to slap her and say Wake, Up look around and stop wasting your time on Mike and making stupid decisions. I also found Laurel quite a selfish character whereas Danny was prepared to make everything work including doing his studies online and working to help provide. I am hoping that there will be another one in this series where we will finally and hopefully get our HEA with Danny, Laurel becoming an actual family. 
Yours and Mine was a fast-paced read that kept the reader's attention as you wanted more of a Laurel/Danny dynamic and hoped that she would put on her big-girl panties and go for Danny, not Mike, the player. 

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