Thursday, February 16, 2017

VBT# Pleasing the Manwhore - Jenna Fox

The Arrangement (Pleasing the Manwhore #1)

Review: Pleasing the Manwhore - Book #1 The Arrangement - Jenna Fox - January 2017

Taffi hasn't had the best upbringing as she was brought up in a trailer park and has worked for everything she has, her mom is a pushover, and her mother's boyfriend is an alcoholic. Taffi has had enough so at 18 she ups and leaves and takes a bus anywhere that is home. She had big dreams and wanted to make something of herself and thought that the big city would be great. That was until she arrived and one thing follows another, and it spirals down fast, and she ends up on her first day alone in a jail cell. Enter Sullivan Cooper - he has been watching Taffi for the last few months and is captivated by her. He wants her and will do everything in his wealthy power to get her. The pair come to an agreement which first leads her to get her GED and then it escalates as she becomes his lover. Sullivan has been burned by women before and believes he's not the relationship type, but there is something about Taffi that draws him in. What will happen though when the lines of their no-strings-attached relationship start to blur? Will Sullivan realize that he loves Taffi or will she end up leaving as he can no longer give her what she needs? Pleasing the Manwhore ends on a cliffhanger, so I am hoping that in Book #2 that Sullivan comes to his senses and realizes the mistake he's made. Though in one way, I am also hoping that this series won't be a lot of one step forward and two step back mind games as I am not too keen on the I love you, I might love you back and forth - It's like make up your mind already, you either love her or not - no pussy-footing around.

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