Thursday, February 23, 2017

Review: Carnival of Dead Girls - Carissa Ann Lynch

Carnival of Dead Girls (Flocksdale Files, #3) 

Review: Carnival of Dead Girls - Book #3 Flocksdale Files - Carissa Ann Lynch - January 2016

First off I have to let readers know that I had loved all the books previous to this one by Carissa Ann Lynch, so I had high expectations when I discovered that there was a new one in the Flocksdale Series. However, I found myself slightly disappointed with Carnival of Dead Girls as I found the story to be too fragmented for my liking.  The story started off with us being introduced to Josie Crowley, who is sixteen and living in a town not far from Flocksdale. She wants to fit in somewhere and is befriended by a girl named Freya. Turns out though that Freya isn't exactly the type of person that Josie thought she was and when a circus comes to town. Freya disses Josie and runs off. Next thing we know Freya is missing and Josie knows it has something to do with the Circus. This part made her seem too clingy and needy for my part as Josie goes on a search to find Freya and it leads her to the town of Flocksdale. Remember Flocksdale - home of the Garretts, who liked to kill and traffic girls. Well, it seems that there are still members of the Garrett family around and they haven't given up their bad ways, in fact, they will do anything to keep the Garrett name alive including drawing Josie to Flocksdale. What is Josie's connection to the Garrett family and what has happened to Freya? One of the small parts I enjoyed about this book was the re-introduction of Wendy from the earlier books. Carnival of Dead Girls was a good thriller despite its disjointedness and a good read for those wanting to continue The Flocksdale Files series.


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