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Review: Booty Camp Dating Service - Debra Anastasia

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Booty Camp Dating Service

Review: Booty Camp Dating Service - Debra Anastasia - August 2016

I have a few of this author sitting on my kindle, but I had yet to read any of her books, apparently though scouring Goodreads people have said that she is crass and her books are filled with LOL moments. As a big fan of romantic comedies, I was intrigued and also the title of this book was what mainly drew me in. Hazel seems always to pick the wrong guys to fall in love with, and they never stick, so when her best friend Claire tells her about a service - Booty Camp Dating Service where everyone who attends gets the perfect match, and since she isn't getting any younger, Hazel reluctantly goes along. During the initial meeting, Claire has found her soulmate in the co-owner of the company, but for Hazel, she seems to have her doubts in especially the main owner Wolf Saber. He just rubs her up the wrong way. Hazel demands her money back but since she paid by cheque is told she can't and then becomes a negotiation novel and compromising back and forth between Hazel and Wolf. As the book goes on and Hazel has a bad date after bad date, we wonder if there will be any HEA for her but turns out that someone does have sizzling chemistry with Hazel - Wolf himself, their chemistry is off the charts. Can Wolf get Hazel to see him as a potential match or will it be a disaster from the get-go as of course first impressions count, and neither one have great first impressions of the other?
Booty Camp Dating Service was a quick read and if you want a look into the world of matches and speed-dating along with a barrel of laughs then check out Debra Anastasia's book as it will be one you won't be able to put down.

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