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Review: Being Jamie Baker - Kelly Oram

Being Jamie Baker (Jamie Baker, #1)

Review: Being Jamie Baker - Book #1 Jamie Baker Series - Kelly Oram - June 2010

Jamie Baker's life is split into two sections. Her BA which is before the accident, she was Miss Popular, a cheerleader and the ultimate pretty and peppy girl and had a great group of friends and an awesome boyfriend Derek. The second half of her life called AA - which is After Accident was like a personality switch had been turned on. Jamie Baker was not the same girl she had been before the accident. In fact, she should have been dead like her boyfriend. However, Jamie turned superheroine like and achieved superhero powers from when they crashed into the electric plant. After the accident, Jamie's family packed them up and moved across to somewhere where nobody knew what had happened and Jamie began a new school. She is the school weirdo, but the thing is she is also quite stunning and has attracted most of the football guys attentions. One thing leads to another and Jamie ends up being hounded by a persistent star Quarterback Ryan Miller. He won't let up on Jamie and knows something is up. What will happen though when he discovers her secret? Can Ryan help protect her from those wanting to exploit her secret superhero powers or will he become another lost casualty when the big guns are called in to track down Jamie Baker?
Find out in Book #1 Being Jamie Baker - an introduction to a high school teen turned superhero by Kelly Oram.


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