Sunday, October 21, 2018

Review: Double Blind - Iris and Roy Johansen

Double Blind (Kendra Michaels, #6)

Review: Double Blind - Book #6 Kendra Michaels Series - Iris and Roy Johansen - July 2018
Kendra no matter how hard she tries to get on with her life and focus on her musical therapy business, she is finding herself always being pulled back into the world of law enforcement. The latest is a woman has been killed and in her pocket was a memory stick labeled for Kendra Michaels. Kendra has never met the woman before but since her name was on the envelope, she is intrigued and of course, with her set of amazing skills - the FBI and police want her on the case. This involves her working closely again with Adam Lynch. The guy that she will continue to protest that she has no romantic feelings for him that is until she is put in a position that sees her possibly losing Lynch for good and is forced to confront her feelings for him. As the body count starts to pile up and it seems that someone is targeting people from the wedding - but why? Who is it that wants the people in the wedding party to suffer? As Kendra and Adam get closer to finding out, it seems that this time the people on the other end are just as good as Lynch or even better and when Kendra is attacked, and her best friend Olivia kidnapped, and Lynch left for dead -this has readers on edge as will this be the final book in the Kendra Michaels series ? Has Lynch and Kendra finally met their match in Double Blind? Find out in another beautiful mystery read by Iris and Roy Johansen today.

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