Monday, October 8, 2018

Review: Kicking Reality - Kat . T. Masen

Kicking Reality

Review: Kicking Reality - Kat T. Masen - May 2017

Often you watch the reality TV stars lives and think "I could do that" but then what we don't see is the behind cameras and the pressure that being on camera all the time and having all your dirty laundry, secrets aired for the world to see - that is what can break relationships and put so much pressure on you to be perfect. For Emerson, her life seemed to be going down the right track especially when her reality TV star boyfriend Wesley proposed to her. The thing is though that the last few months, their relationship had been on the rocks and now Emerson is faced with the tabloids that Wesley was caught cheating on her with not one but two hookers and drugs were involved. Emerson needs time to think and has come home to visit, where her twin brother and his best friend Logan are here with their news. Emerson and Logan have always been close, and as Emerson's life starts to crash down around her, Logan is there to pick up the pieces. However what happens when Logan and Emerson sleep together and the sparks/chemistry are still as strong as ever? The pair would keep it a secret as it could ruin not only their careers but also their family dynamics if it were to get out. What will happen though when Emerson returns to her reality, and the TV producers want Wesley and Emerson to act as nothing has occurred and the wedding is still on. With two guys vying for her attention and the world always watching her every move, who will Emerson choose - her Prince Charming and Reality TV fiance Wesley or the boy next door and best friend, Logan ? 
Find out in this Love triangle and friends to lovers romance - Kicking Reality by Kat. T. Masen.

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