Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Review: Throne of Lies - Tara Leigh

Throne of Lies (Legacy of Lies, #0.5)

Review: Throne of Lies - Book #0.5 Legacy of Lies Series - Tara Leigh - October 2018
Imagine being part of the wealthy world of the Upper East Side of New York and having everything that you could ever imagine including a hot boyfriend? Then in the blink of an eye, your whole world can come crashing down, and everything you ever had has vanished and no longer exists, and your name leaves a black mark? Throne of Lies is a quick read and gives you the insight into the lives of Tripp and Jolie and how everything for them came crashing down due to their father's mistakes. They thought that their love for one another would be the only thing holding them up during the time their fathers are investigated, but not even that could stand the test of time. Throne of Lies is a great taster that when you have finished reading this, you will want to move on quickly to the Legacy of Lies and find out what happens when the pair meet again years later.

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