Tuesday, October 9, 2018

VBT# The Fear of Falling - Amanda Cowen

The Fear of Falling

Review: The Fear of Falling - Amanda Cowen - August 2018

This book started with a good premise of friends to lovers romance and set in the college scene which I usually love. Usually, I would finish a book in a day or two max. The Fear of Falling took me about three days to complete. I have to admit I was enjoying it and then about halfway through - the book was starting to grate on me. I then had to push myself to finish the book, and this was a first for me as I usually am not a continuer with books, if I can't get into it then it's out the window. The character of Ella annoyed me, and I was so angry with her and wanted her to freaking get over herself and to stop playing games and stop pussyfooting around Ryan with this whole passive aggressiveness of "we should be just friends." It's like you have feelings for your best friend, go for it. Stop suppressing your feelings as you only end up hurting both of you and the others around you and Shame on you Maisie for putting a stop to their happiness telling them that their relationship will ruin the group friendships - hello what about you and Jayce? I love friends to lover and college romances just like the next person but make the characters annoying, and it leaves me angry and frustrated which The Fear of Falling did. I wanted to on multiple occasions to shake Ella and even Ryan - Be a man and tell her straight up you are freaking in love with her.
If you love F2L novels and NA/College fiction and don't mind game-playing, then you may enjoy The Fear of Falling more than I did.

Goodreads Link:https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/29851303-the-fear-of-falling

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