Sunday, October 14, 2018

Review: This Love - Emily Snow

This Love (This Love Duet, #1)

Review: This Love - Book #1 This Love Duet - Emily Snow - August 2018
Veronica and Bennett have grown up together, but no matter how hard they tried, they lived in different worlds. Bennett in the world of wealth and privilege and Veronica was the maid's daughter. As you can imagine what happens is that Bennett and Veronica have this fantastic chemistry and romance happening which later has the pair of them dating despite warning bells from both sides of the family. The pair eventually gets married, and all is going well, and it looks like this couple will have a fantastic future despite the backlash. That is until Bennett meets with his mother who has always looked down on Veronica and hands Bennett some news which will rock his world and end up destroying Veronica's. I had an idea of how this first book would end when the cliffhanger was revealed on the last page , but as I hate game playing, it pissed me off as I'm sure if Bennett had told Veronica the truth then she would not have been hurt as much as she was as Hello - he still loves her. IMHO Bennett was a coward in this story and doesn't deserve Veronica as he took the easy way out, which as Bennett was a  guy who came from wealth and had everything handed to him on a silver platter - this didn't surprise me.  I am now looking forward to the second half of the Duet when all I hope is revealed to Veronica.

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