Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Review: Handcuffed Hussy - Marika Ray

Handcuffed Hussy - The Novella (The Beach Squad Series)

Review: Handcuffed Hussy -Beach Squad Series - Marika Ray - July 2018
Bailey ever since she was younger has always been the one who would push the boundaries, she has the tough exterior, but deep down she is a softie. She is willing to ruin her own life to save others. One of Bailey's talents is that she is a fantastic hacker and though she works for a fashion company, she changes the pricing so that she can get jackets for the homeless and changes to search parameters so that new and upcoming fashion designers can get the attention for a change. Her hacking skills is what makes her a white hacker. The thing though is that there's a new hunk on the scene - Jack who also happens to be a cop. The type of police who firmly believes in what's right and what's wrong and sees things in black and white - there is no grey area for Jack, and of course, that's where Bailey sits proudly in the grey area.  Can Jack and Bailey work out their differences and see each other's POV if they want their potential relationship to work? Or are they two different strong personalities, that neither will budge? I did love the ending of this book, it made me feel great and wished I could do something similar as like in this book for Bailey - helping the homeless is something I feel strongly about. For a quick romantic beachy read, check out Marika Ray's Handcuffed Hussy today.

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