Thursday, October 25, 2018

Review: Stranger - Robin Lovett

Stranger: A Dark Stalker Romance

Review: Stranger - Book #1 Dark Stalker Series - Robin Lovett - June 2017

Penny is recovering from the loss of her father and busy working as a NICU nurse at the local hospital. She idolized her father as after her mother died when she was born; he was her whole world. Lately, Penny is being followed by a dark stranger and yet handsome, she yearns to know him. Logan has built his time stalking and learning everything he can about Penny's family, and since her father destroyed all the goodness in his world, he has planned to do the same to Penny and break and leave her with absolutely nothing. The first step is to take away her fund which of course he needs to be married to her. Now Penny has no choice but to marry her dark stalker. As the book goes along, we read as Logan's personality yet dark starts to change, and his heart slowly softens as Penny is nothing like her father or brother Blake.  I have to admit this had a lighter feel to the book than what I would expect from a dark fiction. Logan did remind me of Twitch from Belle Aurora's RAW series and was more Romantic Suspense than Dark Romance. 

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