Monday, October 8, 2018

Review: Little Dancer - Brianna Hale

Little Dancer

Review: Little Dancer - Brianna Hale - April 2017
Abby Williams is twenty-two and a virgin, she also acts like a big kid and loves Ballet. She is busy dancing at a ballet academy. The only time she feels at home is up on the stage, but with the pressures of having to change her home lifestyle, she makes a mistake. Abby is then summoned to the director's office - Rufus Kingsolver. There is something about Abby's innocence that draws Rufus in. This book then moves onto the world of BDSM with a strong focus of Daddy Doms and Submissive Baby Play. I have to admit for me, I find it weird and find Daddy Dom a turn-off for me, but it seemed to work, and I was familiar with the child submissive as I watched a few years ago a documentary about a girl whose kink was dressing like and acting like a baby. If you want a quick smutty BDSM read, then check out Little Dancer by Brianna Hale.

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