Monday, October 8, 2018

Review: It Could Happen to Us - Lucy McConnell

It Could Happen to Us: Quotable Romance (Magnolias and Moonshine #8)

Review: It Could Happen to Us - Book #1 Quotable Romance Series , Book #8 Magnolias and Moonshine - Lucy McConnell - April 2017

Allie is one of those lovely people that lousy luck always happens too. Nothing ever seems to go right for her. That is until now when a customer tells her that if he wins the raffle, he will go halves with her. He ends up winning a night out with three celebrities - two actors and a sportsperson. The prize also included a night in a hotel which works out well for Allie has her apartment building is being fumigated, and she needs to be gone for 24 hours. The thing Allie is about to discover that the cop is a real jerk and not wanting to put anyone out, she takes what she can. Allie has captured Mark's attention as he can't believe how sweet and gentle she is and that she does care and is not showing him attention because she wants something. However just when Allie and Mark are determining the possibility of spending a future together, it looks like happiness has run short for Allie as she must choose to be selfish and love Mark or step aside and let him go as their relationship starts to sabotage his custody case of his daughter possibly.  Can Mark and Allie finally get the HEA they both deserve? Find out in this quick HEA romance story that shows us that fairytale romances can come to those who deserve them,  especially to those like Allie who deserve happiness and good karma for being a genuinely nice person with a big heart.

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