Thursday, October 25, 2018

Review: Flirting with Fire - Piper Rayne

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Flirting with Fire (Blue Collar Brothers #1)

Review: Flirting with Fire - Book #1 Blue Collar Brothers - Piper Rayne - September 2018

At the end of the Charity Case series, we saw Chelsea, Victoria, and Hannah at an auction where they introduced us to three best friends Lauren, Maddie, and Vanessa. These three girls would get their own stories in the Blue Collar Brothers series. Each girl bid on one of the Bianco Brothers for the other to have a date with for Charity.  Maddie and Lauren went to school with the Bianco Brothers and are aware of their reputations. Growing up Maddie who was at a high school known as Fatty Mattie was one of the girls who had a crush on Mauro Bianco - a jock. They also shared a moment in high school where Mauro was Maddie's first kiss. Now back in the present, the pair gets off on the wrong foot as they seem to bring out the worst in one another and what happens when Maddie discovers that Mauro has no recollection of who she is and the night they shared. The pair has their date at an excellent restaurant called Dice and Dine - I want one here as it's a diner set up with board games - sounds so much fun. As the book goes along, we read as Maddie's job is a house flipper and she has her eyes on her childhood home. What happens though when she learns she has a competitor for the property - Mauro? Will the pair join forces and work together and will this business relationship cross over to the bedroom? Or will Maddie be pushed aside when it seems another female has eyes for Mauro? Find out which lucky lass will win the heart of Mauro in Flirting with Fire by Piper Rayne. A bonus is that I love how Piper crosses over with series as the girls live next door to Reed and Victoria from the Charity Case series.

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