Thursday, October 25, 2018

Review: The Good Samaritan - RC Boldt

The Good Samaritan

Review: The Good Samaritan - RC Boldt - September 2018

This book had been sitting on my kindle for a few weeks and had been drawing me in, I was a little hesitant as the only books I had read by RC Boldt had been romantic comedies, and this was her writing in the opposite direction. This one had a bit more oomph and guts to it. It had drawn me in though from the excellent cover to the whole idea of someone being anonymous and doing good deeds. In my mind, the main character Jude looked a little like Jack Reacher ( Lee Child's) role as they seem to have a similar upbringing and past and like Jack - Jude has no bank account, the clothes on his back and little belongings. To the outside world, Jude looks like a homeless guy but to Faith - he becomes her world and her attraction as there is something about him that she can't shake. It's like he's her protector. What happens though when Faith is given the story to track down the Vigilante and Good Samaritan all the while she gets to know and fall for Jude? What happens when she learns that they are the same person and then learns about Jude's past? What will happen when she discovers the man she loves is the new version of someone darker? Can Faith and Jude get their happy ending or will Jude's past catch up with him and undo all the wonderful and great deeds he has done for others ?
Find out in RC Boldt's September release "The Good Samaritan."

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