VBT # Death By the River - Alexandrea Weis and Lucas Astor

Death by the River

Review: Death by the River - Alexandrea Weis and Lucas Astor - October 2018
This book had me wanting to read it from the cover to the fact that it was a high school based novel as it sounded ominous and fascinating. This book takes us into the lives of twins Leslie and Dawn Moore and Beau Deveraux. Beau is the King of the school and dating Dawn but wants Leslie. He also has a dark side that he is finding it harder to contain and as you read this book, you also discover his nasty antics towards women. He thrives on the power, and as I write the review, I think Beau reminded me of Bryce Walker from 13 Reasons Why with the power of having money and being somewhat invincible. This book though Beau does get Karma back at him and I have to say OMFG the ending of this book blew me away, in a way it has the finish that you hope there will be a Book #2, but you know in your mind already that there won't be and the author or in this case authors have left you with an ending to think about and stew over.  Death by the River was a little deceiving with the title, but there is, in fact, a Death by the River - not what you think immediately of when you see those few words.  This was a good teen romantic suspense and though the cover has a gothic feel is more likened to a more modern and contemporary setting.


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