Monday, October 22, 2018

Review: Gravel Road - Stephie Walls

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Gravel Road

Review: Gravel Road - Stephie Walls - September 2018

Growing up Miranda aka Randi and Austin were inseparable, everyone thought that if one pair would make it through the thick and the thin and end up married - it would be those two. Life, however, can throw curveballs that we never expect as after a tragedy - Miranda ended up running to the city where she has lived ever since.  Six years later, fire and tragic circumstances rip through the small town of Mason Belle, Texas and Miranda finds herself reluctantly heading back home. It's back home, that she gets quite a frosty welcome as nobody bothered to ask the reason she left and the rest of the town especially Austin- saw her as abandoning those she supposedly loved. Austin hasn't stopped loving Randi , but she stomped on his heart hard and he can't quite forgive her just yet. Miranda is not the same fiery girl she was six years ago and seems to have lost her way. Can being home help Miranda find her spark again and reconnect her with her loved ones and possibly a second chance at romance before it's too late ? I have to admit though that Miranda's nephew stole the show in this book.
Find out in this second chance romance tale "Gravel Road" by Stephie Walls. 

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