Bad Babygirl - The Con Artist - Zoe Blake

Bad Babygirl: The Con Artist (Bad Babygirls, #1)

Review: The Con Artist - Book #1 Bad Babygirl Series - Zoe Blake - July 2019

This series had intrigued me as it sounded like a Charlie's Angel type series but with criminals who are the top in their fields - think Ocean's 8 with Sandra Bullock. In this book we meet the BabyGirls - Piper, Lyla, Julie, Mary and Quinn who formed a relationship in primary school after their fathers all died in the same plane crash. Now years later, there is just the three of them Piper, Lyla, and Quinn - each with their own specific set of skills. The Con Artist is Piper's story. The book starts off with a revenge killing that they did five years ago and then jumps to the present where Piper is masquerading as Gwen Stevens - an art expert. With her skills as a painter and a con artist, she has made a living out of earning money through art forgeries and con jobs. Now her past is coming to bite her in the backside as someone knows what the girls did five years ago and now Mary is missing. The other storyline running is that Piper finds herself on the radar of Ethan Hale - a businessman with criminal dealings. He is also a dominant and loves being a Daddy Dom and now he wants Piper as his little girl. I have to admit, this side I didn't enjoy as much as his way of dominating could have been easily construed as rape and in parts, he was quite sadistic unlike Reid in Book #1 who was the Daddy Dom. I did love the heists and spy storyline though overall and the relationship between the three girls. I am now interested in seeing the other two's stories and seeing if their guys are more like Reid or Ethan.


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