Saturday, July 20, 2019

Review: Sunny Springs Secrets - Arlo Arrow and Elizabeth A. Lance

Sunny Springs Secrets (Sunny Springs High #1)

Review: Sunny Springs Secrets - Book #1 Sunny Springs High Series - Arlow Arrow and Elizabeth A. Lance - July 2019
All Helena has dreamed about is becoming the editor of her school newspaper and possibly being noticed by her crush Jay Shadwell. Now with her senior year, she is determined to make both things happen. The thing though is that in Sunny Springs Secrets, we are about to learn that looks can be deceiving and that having your dreams come true is not what it is cracked up to be.  Helena gets editor but it comes with a catch as her tormenter right through her schooling - Daniel Bellamy is the new photographer. She can't help but deny that he isn't great but all her memories of Daniel are of him embarrassing her and humiliating her as well as tormenting. How can Helena be expected to work with her bully? Her best friend Payton is hosting a back to school party and invites Helena and Karen along,  they arrive and Helena catches Jay Shadwell's eyes. Jay is the school's quarterback and Mr. Popular and this year it looks like Jay has set his eyes on Helena and what Jay wants he gets. Helena is about to discover that with a price as though Jay is Mr. Popular around the school, he isn't actually a nice guy and that Jay has a dark side to him. When Helena stands up against Jay, she is about to get his wrath as he spreads naked photos of her around the school and their smalltown. Unlike the other's whom Helena with the help of Daniel learn about, these girls didn't have a Daniel Bellamy to help as during this situation, Helena will learn the nice guy side of Daniel and that he isn't as bad as she thought originally. He might just be her hero on a motorcycle.  I did enjoy Sunny Springs Secrets as though it was slow at first, once the cyberbullying storyline came into play, it becomes more interesting as scandals unraveled. Sunny Springs Secrets does end on a cliffhanger which I was like Nooooooooo !! but at least I won't have to wait too long for Book #2 to be released.  Sunny Springs Secrets was a good Edgy YA novel that kept me entertained and enthralled from front to back.

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