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Top Ten Tuesday : Places I Would Like to Visit ( Thanks to Books)

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Today's Top Ten Tuesday is Places I Would Like to Visit ( Thanks to the Books I have read). As a reader , it is always exciting to visit places that you have read about in books. One of my highlights when I did my first OE around the US in December 2013, was visiting places of where I had read Books set. We also visited a few Universities and I was able to walk down Greek Row which excited me and see the houses.

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1. Neptune, California - As I am a fan of Veronica Mars TV show and the Kindle Worlds/ Books that Rob Thomas released on the mystery show - I would love to go to Neptune, California as this is where the show etc is based.

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2.  Stoneybrook, Connecticut - This was the smalltown where the Babysitters Club was based.
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3. Starlight Hollow - This is the Smalltown where Piper Rayne's series - The Bailey Family are set.

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4. Mystic Falls, Virginia - This is the smalltown that Vampire Diaries by L.J Smith is based on.
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5. Bon Temps , Lousiana - This is where the series of Sookie Stackhouse by Charlaine Harris is set. The actual town name is Renard Parish which is 22 miles from Shreveport.
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6. Hogwarts Castle - Since I can only dream about going to the actual Castle, I will take the second best thing and go to Harry Potter Wizarding World in London.
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7. Rosewood , Pennsylvania - This is the smalltown that the series Pretty Little Liars is based on in the series by Sara Shepard.

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8. Forks, Washington - This was the town that Stephenie Meyer in the series "Twilight" had used as where Jacob and Edward lived and Bella moved too.

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9. Martha's Vineyard , New England - This setting is often used for Vacations in books and always just sounds like the perfect getaway and nice sunny place to relax.

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10. Salem , Massachusetts - This is not only the birthplace of L.M Montgomery who wrote Anne of Green Gables but also the basis of the Salem Witch Trials and most Witch related stories that I have read. So would be awesome to explore the island of Salem.


  1. Yes, Martha's Vineyard does sound like a nice place to visit.

    My TTT.

  2. Yes, I'd love to visit all of these!


  3. Many years ago, my dad was living in Springfield, MA and he took us to Salem. It's such an amazing town. Highly recommend it!

    This is our Top Ten Tuesday. Thank you!


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