Review: Beautiful, Dirty , Rich by LA Sable

Beautiful, Dirty, Rich (Blood and Diamonds #1)

Review; Beautiful, Dirty, Rich - Book #1 Blood and Diamonds - L.A Sable - June 2019
I have to say I have been enjoying this new trope of bully romances aka Bullymances. The downside though is that some feel like the same thing which I do get as it is hard to be original when there is a trope doing the rounds and everyone is jumping on the bandwagon of publishing a book within that trope. In saying that I found myself enjoying Beautiful, Dirty, Rich as it was one of the better Bullymances I have read. The book starts off with Lily and her mother living in the Bronx and then her mother Trish getting married to a 65 yr old wealthy man named Connor. This means that Lily is moving into Connor's mansion and starting her new school year at the exclusive boarding school Black Lake Prep. When she arrives, though she learns that all is not what it seems with the school as she is sent an article from "a concerned citizen" about a girl who drowned and the case has been covered up as an accident. Lily believes there is more to the story and soon she finds herself in the midst as a target for the school's Inner circle - the Diamonds which includes Asher ( Connor's grandson), Kai and Lukas, Chloe- Lukas's girlfriend and Jayden. Lily doesn't know where she stands with these guys as sometimes they are friendly to her and other times they treat her like garbage. She did have a brief ally in a teacher, but Chloe puts an end to that. I really hated Chloe's character - there's always one bad girl who I hope by the end of the series will be put in her place once and for all. Like most of the books, this does end in a cliffhanger and I was like Noooo!! , but I do hope the next book goes more into the mystery and story of Kyra - the girl who drowned and hopefully Lily who from the Bronx ain't backing down too easy without a fight.


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