Review: Girl by Any Other Name - MK Schiller

Girl By Any Other Name

Review: Girl by Any Other Name - MK Schiller - July 2019
This book firstly is a re-release of a title earlier in MK Schiller's collection of the same name. This one I have to admit drew me in as the cover was amazing and then reading the synopsis, I knew I had to read it. The synopsis reminded me of a book I had read years ago called What If? By Rebecca Donovan. In this book, Cal Tanner makes reluctantly a new best friend with his next-door neighbor Sylvie. Her dad and she have moved to the smalltown of Prarie, Texas and though other kids call Sylvie a freak - to Cal she becomes his best friend and eventually his first love. Then one night when they are seventeen, tragedy strikes and Sylvie and her father are murdered and Cal winds up in hospital after also being shot. Cal doesn't believe Sylvie is dead and tries to tell everyone but they all look at him like his is crazy. Maybe he is. Years pass and Cal has never forgotten Sylvie - his Lenore or Raven Girl. Now Cal is twenty-seven and teaching at the local community college, a class on English Literature when a student arrives Sophie Becker - there is something about her looks and voice, that Cal is convinced it is Sylvie. The thing is Sophie isn't acting like his Sylvie. Is this another case of Cal finding a doppelganger of Sylvie and projecting his feelings onto her? Or is it something deeper and this really is Cal's long-lost love Sylvie, the girl he has refused to believe died? I found this book had a great premise and enjoyed it but still felt like it lacked a bit of chemistry as I never really felt the strong connections of love and passion between Cal and Sylvie. I knew it was there as the reader because of the words but the chemistry I found didn't jump off the page and sizzle. Overall, if you are wanting a good story with a bit of suspense, then A Girl by Any Other Name by MK Schiller is the read for you.


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