VBT# All Boy - Mia Kerick

All Boy

                                                Review: All Boy - Mia Kerick - June 2019

I have to be honest and say I wasn't sure what this book was about when I started reading it as I had agreed to do the tour as the cover looked amazing - yes, I am a cover crusher and judge the occasional book by its cover. All Boy started with the main character Callie attending a new college which is created with the idea for those needing to spend another year at high school before going off to "college". It is a place where you can find yourself and discover your strengths. For Callie, she was humiliated and embarrassed by her ex-boyfriend and needed a fresh start. Callie though an athlete has a big butt and is teased for it. In a way, she reminded me of myself as I have been told that for a white girl - I have a black girl's booty which basically means I have a big bum. Genetics - right, can't live with them, can't live without them. During one of her classes, she meets a guy named Jayden Morrisey. He has captured her attention, though quiet and shy - Callie finds herself falling hard for him. The thing though is that Jayden has a dark secret and if it got out, then he believes Callie wouldn't love him for him. What will happen when Jayden's secret is revealed and Callie feels betrayed and hurt? Can she win back Jayden's love and is he willing for Callie to love him for him or is he stuck in the in-between.  All Boy was an interesting read and I wondered what I would have done if I was in Callie's position and if I would have been as strong and accepting as her in the end. All Boy features a transgender character and their journey from female to male and trying to be accepted by family and friends.



  1. I really appreciate the honesty of your review. You tried something new with open mind and I love that you related what you read to your own life. Thanks so much for this wonderful review and for hosting me today! I hope your blog readers enjoy your review as much as I did.


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