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Review: Lost Girl - Chanda Hahn

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Lost Girl (The Neverwood Chronicles, #1)

Review: Lost Girl - Book #1 The Neverwood Chronicles - Chanda Hahn - December 2016
The Lost Girl starts off with our main character Wendy in an institution where the children are being experimented on as it seems they all have been injected with some kind of drug to give them special abilities. The counselor's name is Dr. Smee and one of the main doctors is Dr. Barrie. See where we are going with this? Lost Girl is a rendition of the story of Peter Pan. Hook is the bad guy and his army are called the Red Skulls, they want the kids as part of their army and to use them as soldiers once their powers come to be. What happens though when Dr.Smee and Dr. Barrie realize that the goings-on at Neverland is bad and that they can't subject the kids to it anymore and try to escape. Neverland burns to the ground but separates Wendy and her best friend known as The Boy apart. Years pass and Wendy is now a seventeen-year-old girl as she was adopted after she was found washed up on the beach with no memory of her past. It seems that once the kids die, they come back to life but with their memories of the past wiped. Wendy is starting to see the shadows again and the creatures of her nightmares, this puts her back on the path of Peter, Jax and Tink - her old friends except she can't remember them. I did enjoy this story and had hoped it would take a different ending - one with Teddy and her being reunited. Here's hoping that Book #2 continues more of Wendy's relationship with The Boy and the rest of the Neverwood Team. I did like though how we got to catch a glimpse on how some of the other's lived after they managed to escape from the burning institution.  Fans of Peter Pan and it's tales will enjoy this take on the classic tale.

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