Saturday, July 20, 2019

Review: The Boy in the Photo - Nicole Trope

The Boy in the Photo

Review: The Boy in the Photo - Nicole Trope - June 2019 

If you are in the mood for a mystery novel then The Boy in the Photo by Nicole Trope is the read for you. The novel starts off with a case that could happen to anyone as Megan and her husband argue like cats and dogs as he is controlling and abusive towards her. Megan has had enough, so she takes her son Daniel and moves out. Trying to start new, Megan enrols Daniel into school and things seem to be working until one day when Megan's worst nightmare happens. She has gone to school to pick up Daniel - her six-year-old son, only to learn that her ex-husband picked him up and now has gone off the grid kidnapping her son, her baby boy.  Six years pass and though Megan thinks about her son all the time and has joined a support group for similar parents and made two great friends Tom and Susan who have been through similar cases. She is trying to move on with her new husband -Detective Michael and their young baby girl Evie. One day Megan gets a phone call from her husband, saying that they have found Daniel. Megan rushes to the station and sees her son. It should be a happy reunion, but her boy isn't the same kid she said goodbye to that morning she dropped him off at school. This Daniel is sullen, hiding things, keeping secrets and acts just like a carbon copy of her ex-husband. What happens though when Megan discovers some unsettling news and her past comes to haunt her? Can Megan protect her little girl from having the same fate as Daniel happen to her? I have to admit, I liked the twist of the ending of this book but didn't like what happened to Megan as I felt it was a let-down to the story as it was like she just got her family back and now we will rip it apart again in one way or another - WTF ??. Overall, the Boy in the Photo was a good mystery but in parts could tell it was Australian due to the slower pace of the story.

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