Sunday, July 14, 2019

Review: Carpool - Noelle Adams

Carpool (Milford College, #1)

Review: Carpool - Book #1 Milford College - Noelle Adams - July 2019

Growing up in a small town, you get to know your neighbors and the kids around you. You also grow up knowing which ones are good and the ones to avoid. For Jennifer, growing up she always had a thing for Marcus Greene. The thing though Marcus was a bad boy and one of those bad seeds that her grandmother and others warned her not to get involved with. As they grew older, she watched him from a distance as she loved him but knew she could never be with him. Now they are both older and working at the same college - Milford College. She is in the financial aid office and he is the Maintenance Director. When Jennifer's car ends up conking out, she is forced to ask Marcus for help as he is the only one who lives close to her and they work the same hours. The pair start carpooling to work and within the forty-five minutes there and back, they start to get to know one another and eventually you see the sparks fly and that makes Jennifer nervous as she cares what others think as to her - the small town of Sterling is her family. Can Marcus in order to be with Jennifer prove to her and the town that he has changed and that he is no longer the resident "bad boy" they still perceive him to be? Find out in this cutesy quick-read instalove novella by Noelle Adams today.

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