Saturday, July 20, 2019

Review: Lotto Men - Ann Denton

Lotto Men

Review: Lotto Men - Ann Denton - May 2019
We all have one of those friends who are crazy and have a whirlwind personality, for Katie, it is her best friend Heather who with her bubbly personality and bright colored hair it's no wonder that when she's around Katie always finds herself in the midst of some sort of trouble and chaos. The book starts off with Heather bursting into Katie's job for an emergency and telling her to quit. It turns out that Heather won the big one on the lottery and is now one heck of a wealthy woman and who better to share her winnings with than her best friend. With the money Heather gives Katie, she can finally start her dream business of event planning and Heather has her first event for Katie to plan. One of Heather's favorite things to read are the books about reverse harems and now she wants one of her very own, set on a private island and she wants Katie to plan it. Months go by and Katie plans the perfect Harem event for Heather, however, when they get to the island things start to go haywire as some of the guys aren't exactly what they said they were and this isn't exactly going the way Heather planned it. Katie, on the other hand, is finding herself with no trying in the middle of her own harem with the lawyer's brother, the chef and the airplane pilot. While Heather is off having her fun, will this trip be a once in a lifetime exploration for Katie as she finds her life just like one of Heather's many romance novels? Lotto Men though was a slower read, had a fun Romantic Comedy aspect to the book and I look forward to seeing what happens next in the adventures of Katie and Heather as the book ended on a cliffhanger with some scary dudes - Military style and guns.

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