Review: You Owe Me a Murder - Eileen Cook

You Owe Me a Murder

Review: You Owe Me A Murder - Eileen Cook - March 2019
One of my favorite mystery YA writers is Eileen Cook and so when I saw she had a new one released I knew I had to read it. Her mysteries are always fascinating to read as the truth is always left up for the readers to decipher what really happened. In You Owe Me a Murder we meet Kim who is seventeen and headed over to the UK as part of a school exchange program. She is hoping for a fresh start as her ex-boyfriend is on the program as well with his new girlfriend. At the airport, Kim meets Nicki, a stranger at the airport who tries to get the "real Kim " personality to evolve. Kim finds herself seated next to Nicki in first class and the pair get talking. Kim tells her all about her ex-boyfriend and a conversation ensues of the "strangers on a train" where they kill each other's partners and get away with it as it's the perfect murder as they cannot be connected to one another or the murdered party. Kim jokes about it with Nicki and hops off the plane. Later that week, her ex-boyfriend is pushed in front of a train and killed. Was this an accident or did Nicki do her part? Kim wants to believe it is an accident, that is until she starts receiving threatening messages telling her it's her time to kill or Nicki will go to the police and spill Kim's dark secrets. While this is happening, Kim has made it too easy for Nicki as secrets start appearing and they are making Kim look like a jealous stalker. Can Kim do her part for Nicki or will the perfect murders and alibis come crashing down around her? Find out in You Owe Me a Murder by Eileen Cook today. A great YA mystery/crime read, a modern take on the "Strangers on a Train" MO.


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