Review: The Baby Switch - Melissa Senate

The Baby Switch! (The Wyoming Multiples)

Review: The Baby Switch - Wyoming Multiples Series - Melissa Senate - April 2018

It's every parents' worst nightmare waking up to discover that the child they have isn't their own and that their real child was switched at birth as you have bonded so much with the original child. Six months ago, two baby boys were born at the same time in the hospital and there was a power cut and looks like the babies were switched and given to the wrong parents. When one of the babies ends up sick and the blood tests don't come back a genetic match it gets the hospital investigating and discovering the mistake that one of the nurses made. Each parent Liam and Shelby both love their child that they have been raising as their own for the past six months and couldn't imagine life without them. During the book, we also read as chemistry and sparks fly between Liam and Shelby who come up with the perfect solution to not losing either baby. Liam will propose to Shelby, can Liam prove to Shelby that he loves her and isn't just marrying for the sake of their children? That he really wants to have a family with her? During the book, we also learn about Liam's father and the fact that he too was adopted as a baby and the secret of his adoption and the situation surrounding it comes to light with a mysterious music box and letter that was written almost sixty years ago. Like all Harlequin romance stories, The Baby Switch was a genuinely sweet romance that showed the characters really caring for their babies and families and the love could be seen radiating from the pages of the story. If you loved the TV Show Switched at Birth as I did, then you will enjoy The Baby Switch by Melissa Senate.


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