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Review: Mystery of the 101st Meter - AJ Diaz

Mystery of the 101st Meter (Taylor Kelsey, #2)

Review: Mystery of the 101st Meter - Book #2 Taylor Kelsey Mysteries - Taylor Diaz - January 2012

Trying to clear my Kindle of all my old reads, I came across this one. Taylor Kelsey is like a cross between Nancy Drew and Veronica Mars. I say that as though she is sixteen years old, she is a Christian and doesn't swear, etc which makes her seem more Nancy Drew like as this is a clean read.  Taylor Kelsey dreams of one day being a detective and reporter and has helped solve several crimes with the police station. However, with a new police captain who seems to not be fond of teenagers sniffing around his crime scenes, Taylor is going to have to prove to him that she is an asset to the Police department. The police captain has enough on his plate with the town statue being damaged, so he sends Taylor and her quirky friend Susan to the public school to go undercover and solve the crime of who is stealing the school staplers. I have to admit this was a weird school as right throughout the book, we never did get the school principals name and nobody knew it. After Taylor and Susan solve this case, they think they can return back to their private Christian high school but their hope is dashed as someone has sent a threat to the high school's track star saying if he crosses the 101st meter he will be killed. The Police and school think it's a prank but Taylor has other ideas up her sleeve and she will soon uncover a whole operation that turns out to be related to the incident that happened in the town in 1955 and the current damaging of the town's statue. The mystery of the 101st Meter by AJ Diaz was a fun teenage mystery and I have now added the others to my wishlist on Amazon.

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