VBT# Throw Like a Girl - Sarah Henning

Throw Like a Girl

Review: Throw Like a Girl - Sarah Henning - January 2020
Olivia aka Liv aka O-Rod was on her way to a softball scholarship until a wrong move protecting her family caused her to lose not only her place on the softball team but also her scholarship at the elite private school academy she attended as without her softball she is no longer eligible for an athletic scholarship. Olivia now has to head to the local public school Northland where her ex-boyfriend Jake attends. When Olivia arrives, she is hoping to hop onto the softball team but unfortunately, the Coach isn't as forgiving and she witnessed Olivia's meltdown and has given Olivia a challenge - she must join a team sport and show she can work as a teammate and then the next semester she may be able to try out for the softball team. Olivia has plans to join the cross-country, that was until she is given an opportunity to try out for the football team as the current Quarterback Gray Worthington needs back-up and someone with a good spiral arm and after watching Olivia - he knows she is the girl for the job. This is a bit unorthodox though as there has never been a girl on their football team, but being a public school - there aren't any rules against it. However, Olivia knows her father won't let her play football - so she swears her younger brother Ryan to secrecy and she plays a few games and finds herself starting to love the team and the sport, but what will happen when her parent's find out the truth about what she has been up to this past semester? Will they make her quit or will they realize she has found something else she is good at? Find out in this fun YA romance read that was in the same tune to the TV show Friday Night Lights and the movie She's the Man.


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